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Updated by user May 01, 2023

I've kept the account open for a little longer bc they kept saying someone would call me to address my complaints. He called, if that's what you call it.

For an entire 1min and 26 secs. As I'm talking the *** hangs up and sends me a message saying oh the call got dropped. But I believe your problem is resolved. The *** call dropped bc you dropped it *** And yes the refund was given but that was no longer the complaint.

I guess he couldn't answer any questions either and decided to hang up before asked any. And he called from the number that says their no longer taking our calls.

So in conclusion of all this nonsense, save yourself some time and use Affirm or anyone else besides these slack *** people. I use Affirm and have never had any of the problems that I've had with Afterpay.

Updated by user Apr 25, 2023

To make it simple, here is my final message to them: I can see that Afterpay no longer wants my business which is completely fine. You refuse to answer basic questions and you take it upon yourself to charge a customer more than their purchase amount, calling it a buffer and then proceed to make things extremely difficult to get it corrected.

The pure ignorance I've endured from the incompetent people claiming to be customer service for over 24hrs now is absolutely the most absurd thing I've ever had to waste my time and go thru. You now have officially lost me as a customer. As soon as Afterpay is done with getting the amounts correct on these last 2 orders, I will pay them off and close my account. I will make sure to spread the knowledge of how ridiculous this company is and their unbelievable tactics they think are normal.

Actually what I will do is pay what I owe, not a penny more, and I will officially close my account. For the Walmart order, I only owe you $130.18 and for the Amazon order I only owe $68.57. Both total up to $198.75. No later than Thursday I will pay that amount and only that amount and consider this my notice to close my account after your paid and do not ever contact me for anything.

I don't do business with people like this. I have already filed one review, in your honor, at complaint #454**** and I will be filing more. Along with a formal complaint to the BBB and with SC's State Attorney General. If there is any other state or federal agency that will accept complaints about Afterpay you can bet they will get one from me.

You don't have a good track record as it is so with all the complaints I'm sure is upcoming, customers in the great USA will surely not stop until we run your sorry *** out of our country for good. We don't need a business like this to come in and disrupt our lives. Lastly, I have a copy of all of these messages and my account information. I will be posting the messages your so called customer service has written to show exactly how incompetent all of your truly are.

No need to respond to this message with your nonsense. You can ignore this like you ignored everything else from me.

I no longer care what you may have to say. Have a great future!

Updated by user Apr 25, 2023

Still sitting in limbo but decided the *** with it. I sent a final message for them and I have screenshots of that message and everything else that has me pissed.

I will pay what I actually owe them by Thursday this week and I'm officially closing my account.

Now let's run them out of our country. They don't belong here!!

Original review updated by user Apr 25, 2023

No exaggeration here, I've been chatting with these people for almost 24hrs straight, and I'm now convinced they don't even read the question you ask. They have not answered one damn question since this started yesterday morning.

You can't get anyone on the phone. No supervisor that can jump in and get it done. Nothing. And since when did they start this crap with charging more than the purchase total?

And say it's for shipping and taxes. *** The total on the receipt includes taxes, idiots!!! If shipping is separate for some odd *** reason, then that customer should be responsible for it. Not make every damn customer pay for it and fight with these people who can't do simple math.

Are you kidding me?? I've always paid off my purchases early with them, so all they've manage to do is *** off a good paying customer and I will close my account.

I don't need these people. What a joke.

User's recommendation: Only if your desperate.

Monetary Loss: $47.

Preferred solution: I want back the money I didn't spend for the 2 current orders and nothing else. I will close my account after I pay them in full, early. Note: they have refunded $30.05 of the total amount due back to me. Said I would have to dispute the rest..

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